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Notes from Directors call. 12:30pm, 1 hour.

Present : Andrew, Mohamed, Shakeel, Leah, Alex, Jennifer.

Apologies : Sach.

Major works

We need £200K + VAT (=£240K) to remove the scaffolding.  £50K will be required for retention in 6 months time.  This money should be available after the September service charge.

Action : Alex is chasing Graeme for the ~£100K owed for the roof etc. Scaffolding to come down asap


We have about £200K of arrears.  This is Leo's top priority when he returns from holiday on Monday.  Anyone who is more than one quarter in arrears will initiate Legal action which will continue at full speed until the full amount has been repaid.

Action : Top priority for Ringleys


To be finalized.  Staff costs to be broken into 3:

  • Magdy salary
  • Magdy flat
  • Cleaner

 Action : To get this by COB Friday so directors can review over w/end and Sach can sign on Monday.

Service charges

To be sent to Directors for approval so they can be sent out tomorrow.


To be scheduled for 6 weeks time, ideally in ETC Venues.  Mon24 / Tue25 Oct to be possible dates.  We will need to write to all residents.

Action : Directors + Ringleys to say which dates work for them. 


Mohamed has taken an extra lead on this.

Action : Ringleys to get quotes for both Gas + Electricity from LGI and other consultant this week.

Action : Ringleys to negotiate with LGI + EON to get past problems resolved + refunded.


Action : Jennifer to meet with Magdy on Wednesday to arrange handover with new cleaner for the 4 weeks that Magdy is away.

Action : Jennifer to liase with Magdy to get another large bin outside the block


Next meeting in 1 month to update progress and prepare for AGM.

Shakeel asked if all money had been transferred from D&G.  Leah confirmed that it had. 

Thanks for everyones hard work, we have a lot to do.


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