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Json → scala : 

JSon → Java : 

Uber spark :

Lateral view explode :

Spark Joins Partition :

More spark :

Maven options : install -DskipTests -o

North Korea Hacking :


Driverless cars :

Data alignment :

Bash arithmetic :

Grids - very cool, but Commercial. - Open Source.  We used this to great effect.  Agnostic to JSFramework (eg. Angular / JQuery etc.)

Why JSON rather than XML

I've used JSON but didn't quite realise why, one of the Usual Suspects explained :

  •  Also platform independent
  • Much faster to parse
  • Simpler ( CDATA etc. make things infinitely more complicated).

Zombie town :

How to do replacement in coherence

 {expiry-delay 0}
Polyglot persistence :

Giga spaces / SSD 


Network vs CPU

This has been one of my big arguments for a long time :

Mercurial vs Git

Another big data solution


Want to hit the top 5 here...


I've been looking at Lamdas,  since they are interesting for working with collections

Then there is also the stuff in the Java8 tutorial :

McCrae’s Battalion

My brother in law wrote a piece of music about this :

Synchronization in a Distributed System

Good article about Timing in Distributed Systems.


More abuse...

Java Mission Control released

Looks really good...


Amazing 25 year timelapse...

Cool pics

Very cool adventure photos


Really good GC log tool

Tunnelling for google email

Useful when your corporate firewall stops you....

Cool stuff with rubbish

Pretty cool artist

Another Fabric Server 

Something else to look at in the GLU market...


A lot of lessons learnt from this guy...


Need to secure my Wifi

My cartoon life

Thought this was great..

Reading list

This looks like a fabulous reading list...

O/S Monitoring

Ganglia is a great O/S monitoring tool.  They now have JMX monitoring.  Add to list, build a Coherence Ganglia plugin... 

PostgreSQL as Key/Value store

Do you really need a Distributed System, its gonna cost you, you know...


Another huge shame in the privacy / prism / NSA story...



Interesting articles I have read


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