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Like many people I live a very busy life.  Between leaving the house in the morning and returning in the evening can be 12 hours (or 18 if I'm heading out).  I'm not complaining, but it often feels like I'm rushed off my feet. 

To combat that I've started a new routine. 

  • No mobile phones or laptops in the bedroom
  • Set an alarm for an hour before I leave the house (and get up when it goes off)
  • Have a cup of tea (Early Grey is my tipple) before I leave the house, and something to eat ( bagel with marmite this morning)
  • Do one job that has been on my mind ( this morning it was two thank you notes)
  • Obviously shower
  • Enjoy my garden whilst drinking the tea
  • Do 5 minutes tidying so the house will be great when we get home.
  • Write a list of how the day should pan out.

I'll tell you how it goes. 


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