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Guys, I’m going to send this to Mohamed at 5pm.   Quite frankly, I’m very happy to be the bad cop here, but would appreciate your backup.

Any thoughts / improvements before then.




This personal vendetta has to stop.  We have received advice on the call that proceeding would result in a 6 figure fine as well as being illegal. 


Moving forward I believe the board needs to give Magdy our full support, we need to work with him to stop short letting, burglaries, parties and assaults, putting porters on the front door and using technology (entry system / CCTV) to fix the problem and push up flat values and rents.  Interaction with Magdy should only be through Haus.


We need to focus on other matters, particularly the Utilities and the Major Work monies, where your efforts would be productive.


You have done a huge amount for Stourcliffe, but I cannot support your action here.  Please think carefully about your position and look forward to discussing on Thursday.


Kindest regards,



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